MJPT Pre-insulated middle connector sleeve

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1)MJPT is desighed to connect the insulated cable ( include ABC cable) in aerial distribution network.

2)It's in accordance with NFC33-021. The sleeve is with some tension.

3)It's cap can prevent the water into the barrel.

4)It is colored differently to distinguish the cable sizes.

5)Marked with type, cable size, die size, inner cable length and number of crimping.

Modle Cable Size(mm2) Plastic Sleeve Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
MJPT16/16 16 16 20 98.5
MJPT25/25 25 25 20 98.5
MJPT35/35 35 35 20 98.5
MJPT50/50 50 50 20 98.5
MJPT70/70 70 70 20 98.5
MJPT95/95 95 95 20 98.5

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